Meet The Team


PA & secretary, best in the business 

Naomi McCracken

Designer & Founder of Peachy Gold Design

BA Graphic Art & Design




The hardest worker on the team


Yawn Free Design

EVERYTHING is made by us in our studio, no shortcuts, no half measures.

Painting, printing, animation, drawing, ink, thick brush strokes, etching, lines, watercolour, lino, photography. 

I mix traditional methods with digital and enjoy experimenting with processes. I love filling sketchbooks on which I base my work, using splashy ink, watercolours and different styles of drawing materials. 

Design has been a lifelong passion of mine. From a young age, I spent hours creating my own birthday invites on Microsoft Paint & loved copying the craft projects from Blue Peter. This appetite to explore, create and take on any challenge is the foundation of my graphic design journey. I am an innovative designer, who enjoys staying on top of trends & using my wide range of design skills to create appropriate forward-thinking responses.